Community of the Cross

A School of Prayer for the Third Millennium

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As a school of prayer, this workshop attempts to share wisdom about how to come into a richer, more vibrant prayer life with those interested in investigating such a possibility. Numerous Christian denominations have repeatedly borne witness to their prayer lives being transformed by entering into a new surrender to the Person and Presence of the Holy Spirit. This series carefully examines that phenomenon and insists that this is in harmony with Scripture and Christian tradition. The author insists that all believers are meant to know that they have been invited by their savior into a personal experience of Pentecost. This twelve session, two Volume DVD series, is comprised of talks, prayer and contemporary Christian music. Offered in hopes of bringing ordinary laymen and laywomen, whether churchgoers or not, into a vibrant life of prayer. Written and presented for an ecumenical audience by Father Larry Carew, a Catholic priest with many years of experience in spiritual renewal and healing ministry.

"The "School of Prayer" experience for me was a great opportunity to learn how to let the Lord "grow me" into the family of God for all eternity"  Veronica

"I learned that I must stop prayerfully talking to God first, attempting to show Him my love for Him before allowing him to draw me into His loving embrace and His wisdom." Judy

"You won't regret this wonderful opportunity to learn, explore, grow and deepen your personal prayer life and relationship with God.  Remember - it's never too late to go back to school."  Deacon Michael


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