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Six Simple Steps (book)


This healing workshop is for everyone!  Based on Father Carew's 40 year ministry in healing prayer.  This ecumenical program includes teaching which invites those who know little or nothing about healing prayer into a way to access healing of the body, mind and spirit.  The presentations regularly connect biblical wisdom and stories with testimonies of Christ's healing activity in people's lives today.

Available September 2020

Disregarding the Shame Particpants Book



This companion book to the Disregarding the Shame workshop is designed to enhance the experience for all participants. Using prayers, activities and additional meditations, this material will allow the participants to explore the themes of the workshop on their own in between the talks. This helps the processing of the information and stimulates discussion.

Sanando Las Heridas del Encarcelado (Book)


Written version of Disregarding the Shame: Reaching out for the Joy in Spanish for participants after watching the DVD with a counselor.

A School of Prayer for the Third Millennium (Book)


This is the written version of the text for participants to take home and study after viewing the DVD with a group.

Disregarding the Shame: Reaching Out for the Joy (Book)


This is the written text of the DVD and it is recommended for all participants once they have completed the DVD presentation with a counselor.

Healer of Hearts, Healer of Minds

Healer of Hearts.jpg

A definitive work on the grace and power available for inner healing. Firmly based upon scriptural principles, this book explores the need for and the power of the healing of woundedness which Christ wants to bring into each of our lives. Fr. Lawrence Carew has been blessed with wonderful insights, which when brought to prayer, can allow our Savior to truly set us free. Our life experiences have left us with distorted identities both for ourselves and for our image of our Lord. Read about the Good News which will directly affect your life and your relationship with Jesus.